premium private pilot online ground school

2021 Private Pilot Ground School Premium

20 Lessons

Premium Ground School

This Course is available to members who purchase a one-time activation code.  Your access to the course is valid for one year.  You will be able to skip through the Course without having to progress through each lesson in order, and will not have to wait for the lesson timer to allow you to view the next lesson.

This course will cover the basic knowledge required of a private pilot to pass the Private Pilot Airplane written exam and will prepare you for your flight training in an actual aircraft with your flight instructor.

Premium Features:

  • 20+ More videos than the Free Course
  • Get your Endorsement to Take the Written
  • Access to Tech Support
  • Extra TOPICs inside many of the LESSONs.
  • Compatible for both Sport and Private Pilots

It is broken up into LESSONS, and each LESSON has several TOPICS.


  1. Click on TAKE THIS COURSE to sign up for the course
  2. Click on LESSON 1 and watch the corresponding video and read the material
  3. Click on the TOPICS within the lesson to view the videos and read the material
  4. Once you have viewed all the topics complete the QUIZ to move onto the next LESSON

Important Notes:

  • Set realistic goals for yourself.
    • There is A LOT of material here that will prepare you to become a Pilot.  Take your time going through the lessons
    • Realistically expect to complete only one or two lessons in a day.
    • ENSURE YOU MARK YOUR LESSONS and TOPICS COMPLETE using the MARK COMPLETE button in the bottom left of each lesson and topic.  You must spend the minimum time shown on the TIMER in the bottom left of the screen to be able to mark the topic complete.
    • Feel free to work ahead, and even complete the entire course before you ever take your first flight lesson.  You can always go back and review later if needed.
    • Complete this course and earn 500 FLY8MA Points! (use your points to unlock free rewards!)


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Lesson 1: Your First Flight Pr

Lesson 2: Maneuvers and the Traffic Pattern Pr

Lesson 3: Understanding the Wind and Turns Pr

Lesson 4: AOA, Stalls, and Other Scary Things Pr

Lesson 5: Ground Reference, Maneuvers, and FARs Pr

Lesson 6: Building Good Landings Pr

Lesson 7: The Less Busy Airspace: G, E, D Pr

Lesson 8: Class A, B, and C Airspace: The Busier Side of the Sky Pr

Lesson 9: Flying Blind and Performance Calculations Pr

Lesson 10: Soft and Short Field T.O. Pr

Lesson 11: Start Your Engines: Engines, Systems, and Instruments Pr

Lesson 12: Weight and Balance, Navigation Systems Pr

Lesson 13: Luck with Weather Pr

Lesson 14: Your First SOLO! Pr

Lesson 15: VFR Charts and Navigation Pr

Lesson 16: Weather Charts and Services Pr

Lesson 17: Aeromedical Factors, ADM, FARS Pr

Lesson 18: Flying at Night Pr

Lesson 19: Cross Country Flight Planning Pr

Lesson 20: Test Prep Pr