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Ariel Israel Ben-Zion




I am a 58 year old Jewish (currently bedridden) man living in a nursing home in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I have a passion to fly. I purchased X-Plane 11 flight simulator software and am learning to fly the Cessna 172. I am using the CH Yoke. I watch the live streaming webcam from (KTRK) Truckee-Tahoe Airport daily and listen to communications between pilots, tower, ground and unicom. I email and call the airport staff with questions. I track flights with and I utilize the FAA website for publications, notifications and other aviation information. I will be out of this bed within 2 years and I WILL be FLYING! I don’t know how all this is going to happen, but G-D willing, it will come to pass. I want to thank you for the many training videos that you have shared with everyone. May the Holy One of Yisrael BLESS you and your family.


I really like the style of the Piaggio Avanti P-180

Ariel Israel Ben-Zion – Student Pilot


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Ariel Israel Ben-Zion

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