Commercial Pilot BootCamp Checklist


How to use this course and checklist in three steps:

  1. Ensure you mark each Topic and Lesson COMPLETE by clicking MARK COMPLETE at the bottom of each
  2. Cross off each topic on the checklist below as you master it, take short notes on the checklist below of questions you have regarding the content or topics
  3. Ask your questions to our CFIs by clicking ASK A QUESTION in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.  (you can do this at any point throughout the course on any topic)

This course should take you 3-5hrs to complete, and is the easiest to absorb and condensed version of the commercial pilot ground school possible.  If you have any questions about the material or information that is not covered in the course, feel free to reach out to our CFIs (they're here to help you, and you paid for it, so use them!)

You should be ready to talk about 100% of what is in this course when you walk into your Commercial Pilot Oral, if you are not feeling 100% on the material, schedule a mock oral with one of our CFIs or reach out to them with your questions.

We look forward to seeing you in the course!

Print This Checklist and Mark it off as you go:

  1. Commercial Pilot Privileges and Limitations
  2. Holding Out
  3. Maintenance Responsibilities
  4. Keeping up with Regulations
  5. Constant Speed Propellers
  6. Weather Fronts
  8. Icing
  9. PIREPs
  10. Mountain Weather
  11. Thunderstorms / Convective Activity
  12. Surface / Prog Charts
  13. Radar Summary Charts
  14. ADM / CRM / SRM
  15. Risk Matrix / Hazardous Attitudes
  16. Aeromedical Factors
  17. Spatial Disorientation
  18. Emergency Scenarios
  19. Advanced VFR Charts
  20. Airport Diagrams
  21. Chart Supplement
  22. Cross Country Considerations
  23. FLYWAY Charts
  24. Navigation Logs
  25. Terminal Area Charts
  26. VOR Navigation
  27. Steep Turns
  28. Chandelles
  29. Lazy 8's
  30. Eights-on-Pylons
  31. Power-off 180-degree landing
  32. Steep Spirals
  33. Commercial Oral Prep