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CFI PTS Explained in Detail

This course details for you each and every item contained within the CFI PTS and tells you exactly what you will need to know and explain on the day of your CFI checkride, along with examples for each item.

14 Lessons

The CFI PTS is what outlines exactly how your checkride will go.

It may seem like there is an endless amount of information you must know for the CFI checkride…there is not.  This course outlines exactly what you will need to know and be able to explain on the day of your CFI checkride.

If you can understand and explain all of the topics outlined in this course, you WILL PASS YOUR CFI CHECKRIDE.

Lesson Plans

Once enrolled in this course you can email us at cfi@fly8ma.com to request your copy of Lesson Plans/Notes that go along with each task within the CFI PTS.

As you work through this course, we would highly recommend that you print our note-friendly version of the CFI PTS below. This document is specifically designed to allow you to take notes as you work through each task of the PTS, improving your overall retention of the information.

CFI PTS Note-Friendly

CFI Accelerated Flight Training Course:

CFI Accelerated training course: https://fly8ma.com/ft/

Join us in Alaska and learn to teach from the best! Our 4-week course will fully prepare you for the CFI checkride and ensure you are ready to begin teaching in the real world. We provide on-site lodging, ground and flight training, all lesson plans and teaching materials. Visit the link above or email us at cfi@fly8ma.com for more information. Our next available course is June 14th, 2023.

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CFI PTS AOO 2 Technical Subject Areas

CFI PTS AOO 3 Preflight Preparation

CFI PTS AOO 4 Preflight Lesson on a Maneuver

CFI PTS AOO 5 Preflight Procedures

CFI PTS AOO 6 Airport and Seaplane Base Operations

CFI PTS AOO 7 Takeoffs, Landings, Go-arounds

CFI PTS AOO 8 Fundamentals of Flight

CFI PTS AOO 9 Performance Maneuvers

CFI PTS AOO 10 Ground Reference Maneuvers

CFI PTS AOO 11 Slow Flight, Stalls, and Spins

CFI PTS AOO 12 Basic Instrument Maneuvers

CFI PTS AOO 13 Emergency Operations

CFI PTS AOO 14 Postflight Procedures