Seaplanes! How to Fly Them!


Learn all of the basics and some advanced maneuvers of flying floats! In this course we’ll cover both float flying and flying boats using real-world examples of a J-3 Cub, Searey, and Piper Pacer! Use this course to brush up on your float flying skills or prepare to go and take your float rating. You’ll save time and money by using this course and being better prepared for your seaplane training and checkride!





Welcome to Seaplane Ground School!!!

This is going to be some of the most fun you’ve ever had in an airplane! It is absolutely impossible to fly a seaplane, and not have a smile on your face!

How to Study

This course is broken up into several LESSONs, and broken up further into TOPICs within each LESSON.

Watch the short video below of how to navigate this course before getting started!


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