North from FL to Alaska 2020!

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About our Trip!bushplane

We’re flying from Anchorage Alaska on down to Florida, before continuing on to fly to all 50 states!  Our trip will last about 2 years, and have us visiting over 400 airports!

Want to take a discovery flight!?!

If you’ve watched our videos, or taken our free courses on the website, and want to earn your pilot certificate, but have not had the chance to take your first flight yet, we can help!

Besides just sharing this journey around the country with everyone through our online courses and YouTube videos, we also want to help the next generation of pilots take flight!

Jon will be giving away a free discovery flight in each state we travel to!  He’ll take you up for your first flight, show you some of the basics in the air, help you complete the FAA application for your student pilot certificate, and help show you the next steps to becoming a pilot!  You can even log this as your first flight and count the experience towards your hours of training to become a pilot!

Click below to learn more and submit your name for our drawing to become one of the lucky 50!

50 States Discovery Flight