UAS ADM and Physiology

Aeronautical Decision Making, Crew Resource Management, Single Pilot Resource Management While these might be big fancy titles, the actual concepts they represent are actually much more simple, and probably something you already do to some extent subconsciously.  The whole idea behind these concepts is to reduce GA accidents.  The diagram above shows where GA accidents […]

UAS Preflight

Steps to take before you fly Here is a list of some of the things you should be thinking about (and the FAA wants you to consider) before you fly your UA. Prior to flight, the remote pilot in command must:(a) Assess the operating environment, considering risks to persons and property in the immediate vicinity […]

UAS Speed and Altitude

Speed and Altitude Limits You cannot fly faster than 87knots (100mph) groundspeed You cannot fly higher than 400′ agl (of course there are some exceptions) If your sUAS does not have an altimeter or GPS altitude readout you could consider installing one or gain a visual perspective of what 400′ looks like on the ground before […]

UAS General Rules

Falsification of Documents It goes without saying the FAA frowns upon this.  14CFR65.20 states any person who falsifies or makes a fraudulent entry in a logbook, report, or record, is subject to the suspension or revocation of any airman or ground instructor certificate held by that person. Accident Reporting The Remote PIC must report any […]