New ADS-B test additions: Here’s a few quick things to remember about ADS-B (note: these questions are new additions to the PPL exam and students are seeing on average 2-4 of these questions appear on the test out of the normal 60 questions). With certain exceptions, all aircraft within 30 miles of a Class B […]

E6B Calculations

This set of videos will explain all of the different calculations you can make using your E6B (commonly referred to as the “whiz-wheel”.  It is important to watch these videos while you have your E6B handy and can follow along with the example calculations.  The only way to become proficient with your E6B is to […]


VORs – VHF Omnidirectional Radio Range VOR navigation is completed with the use of two components, a ground station and a receiver in the airplane. The receiver is used to navigate TO or FROM a station, allowing you to follow a pre-planned path, and also determine your current position. 360 radials (1 radial per degree […]


The Global Positioning System is one of the greatest advances in modern aviation. In its most basic form, it allows us to directly navigate between two points (barring any terrain or airspace restrictions), as compared to navigating via visual reference points or VOR to VOR. GPS has improved pilot situational awareness, reduced pilot workload, and […]