Oral Prep Pr Copy

Checkride Oral Prep For one-on-one practice Oral Exams live with one of our CFIs (facetime or skype) Sign up for the First Officer subscription on our site. You’ll get a 2-hour custom oral prep session centered around the airport and airplane you will be using for your practical test to best prepare you to ace […]

Navigation Logs Pr Copy

Start To Finish, Completing your Paper Nav Log Check out the video above of an example Nav Log being filled out start to finish for a 50nm Cross Country! Ask a Question to the Community Ask a Question and get a fast response from our CFIs

Cross Country Considerations Pr Copy

Planning out Your Cross-Country Flight Check out the video above to see a quick example of how you would do your initial planning for a VFR Cross-Country Flight on a VFR sectional chart. Talking to ATC If you’re still a little unsure of how or what exactly to say to ATC when asking for Flight […]

Airport Diagrams Pr Copy

No Google Maps at Your Destination Airport Unfortunately, you will not have google maps on your cell phone to guide you around the taxiways and other movement and non-movement areas at your destination airport.  An essential part of your preflight planning needs to include becoming familiar with not only the runway information and layout at […]

Nighttime Considerations Pr Copy

Seeing in the Dark The human eye works differently at night than it does in the daytime.  See the three diagrams below.  At night, your eyes use the “rods” more than the “cones”.  There are more rods located away from the rear center of your eyeball, making your night vision more effective if you use […]

Airport Lighting Pr Copy

 I can see the Light!!! There are lots of different lights out there to help you find your way at night and in low visibility.  In this TOPIC we’ll cover; Runway Types RCLM-Runway Center Line Markings (paint on the runway) Taxiway Lighting Runway Lighting Approach Lighting Runway Types Runways fall into one of three categories: […]

Night Time Flying Pr Copy

Wondering why people fly at night? Check out how beautiful it can be in the video above! Things to consider for nighttime flight planning…. Ask a Question / Leave a Comment to the Community Ask a Question and get a fast response from our CFIs

Regulations Pr Copy

Regulations Pr Copy

Federal Aviation Regulations Hope you’re still awake there guys!  Understandably the “book work” side of things with ADM, Medical Factors, etc. isn’t quite as exciting as watching videos on flying around busy airspace, but it is what will ultimately keep you safe and legal in the sky.  Below we have some more rules for you […]