CPL E6B (optional)

This is optional If you would like some E6B practice and to enhance your E6B skills you can follow along with your E6B while watching the videos below.  If you’d like to forget those little cardboard wheels ever existed and just use a digital calculator instead (and you already understand how to use your electronic […]


Grab a snack and a cup of coffee, this is going to be a long one! As we were looking at some v-speeds and ranges in the last section, we wanted to revisit a few that are defined under 14 CFR Part 1: VF: Design flap speed.  VNo: Maximum structural cruising speed. VLE: Maximum landing […]

CPL ATC, Airspace, Airports 1

The first two videos in this section will primarily focus on airspace entry and operational requirements. In the third video, we’ll start looking at airport symbols and markings. Before you get started, we’d recommend you download the runway markings placemat below and ensure familiarity with all symbols and markings. Runway Markings Let’s get started: Once […]