Become a FLY8MA Affiliate!

Refer friends and earn $$$flying with friends cessna 170

Have you used our courses to be successful in your flight training?

Now you can help your friends be successful in their training and get paid for it too!  FLY8MA has started a new affiliate program, and once your account is approved, you can use a custom link to refer your friends to the website and get paid for each friend who signs up!

How it works

Click the link below to apply to become an affiliate.  If you’re a flight instructor or someone who has used our courses and want to share them with others, this is a great way to spread the word and earn some extra money to help pay for your flying habit while you’re at it!

Once approved, you’ll get a custom link you can access by hovering over SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS, and clicking FLY8MA Affiliate.

Copy and paste that link anywhere, via email, text, Facebook posts, etc.  Anyone who clicks the link and then signs up on the site you’ll get credit for!

You earn a 10% referral bonus for whatever they spend on the site, and after you refer 10 friends, you’ll earn 20% for all future referrals.

Apply to become an affiliate

Remember you can always call or email us anytime with questions on the site or how to study for your Checkride!


    1. Jon K Post author

      You can just follow the link above in the post and that will take you to the page to complete the affiliate form!