How to Find Yourself on the Sectional Chart

How to find Yourself…..on a sectional chart

So you may not find “who you are”, but we can help you find “where you are” when it comes to sectional charts (i.e. when that DPE takes away your GPS during your private pilot or commercial pilot checkride and makes you use the paper chart to show him where you are.

If you want to try out your skill, watch the video below to see images of the two areas, and then click “Start Quiz” below to see if you can determine where those two areas are on the sectional chart!

If you want tips of how to find yourself on the sectional chart, you can take the complete lesson of “How to find yourself on the sectional” to help you prep for your checkride or brush up on your skills.  The lesson is part of the Premium Private Pilot Ground School in Lesson 19.  Click here to jump to it if you’re already a premium member with FLY8MA!

Where are you on a Sectional Chart?

Take the following quiz that corresponds to the previous video to see if you can locate where you are on a sectional chart!