How to Get A Student Pilot License (for free)!

Apply for a Student Pilot License from the FAA

This is easier than you may think.  You actually can do this completely for free before ever taking a flying lesson.

Once you application processes with the FAA (not known for their speed with paperwork), you’ll receive a plastic card in the mail that is your student pilot certificate and will be one of the requirements for you to fly an airplane solo when you do begin training (this takes about 3-6 weeks to receive).

  1. To make the application with the FAA for your student pilot certificate, you will google, IACRA and click on the link that takes you to
  2. Then create a new account and input all of your information
  3. Once your account is created, click on Start New Application
  4. Follow the steps in the video to choose STUDENT PILOT
  5. Complete the required information on the application
  6. Find yourself a CFI in your local area that can verify your identity and electronically sign and submit the application to the FAA for you.
  7. Get your new Student Pilot Certificate in the mail!



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