Spin Briefing

Whoa, let’s talk about this first.

In the spin briefing there are some important topics to cover including:

  • 4 left turning tendencies
    • P-Factor
    • Spiraling Slipstream
    • Torque Effect
    • Gyroscopic Precession
  • 4 Phases of a Spin
    • Stall
    • Incipient
    • Developed
    • Recovery
  • Angle of Attack and Relative Wind
  • Center of Gravity
  • Proper recovery technique for the specific airplane being flown
    • P-Power to idle
    • A-Ailerons Neutral
    • R-Rudder opposite the direction of the spin
    • E-Elevator briskly apply forward


  1. TangoJuliett

    This is awesome! I plan on going through all of the free course material as much as possible as many time possible before I join over to First officer membership! First, because it will be at least another 10 -12 months before I can even think about funding flight training and secondly I want to be prepared as possible so I can have my written and oral completed before flying!

  2. JohnOpalko

    I highly recommend getting spin training, including allowing the spin to develop fully and then recovering. It’s scary as heck at first but ends up being a whole lot of fun.

  3. Captjytan

    Absolutely fantastic presentation. As horrifying as a spin may look, Jon’s teaching give me that assurance that, it’s something that can be recovered from before it even develops into a nightmare. Thanks Jon. Like Ken Pryor noted, what was it you asked at the very end of the video? The speech was so fast that I couldn’t make anything out of it.

    1. Jon K Post author

      Hey! Last question I had asked him towards the end of the video was what would it take to make the airplane NOT be in the utility category any longer….answer, adding weight, especially in the back seat (the student pointed to another CFI listening in on the brief, suggesting adding him to the backseat would make the airplane no longer safe to practice spins.

  4. Ken Pryor

    This was incredibly helpful. My only question was I can’t understand what Jon said right at the end. He says something about “what would it take to make this…” but I couldn’t understand what he was talking about.

    1. tbyrnesea

      He says “What would it take to make us not in the utility category”. Their weight and weight distribution puts them in the shaded utility category of the aircraft’s weight and balance chart, and he’s asking what it would take to push them outside of the utility zone.

  5. Brettster

    Nice~ I have been reviewing this, and was surprised I was right. Stalls, once you become proficient by practice you should be fairly comfortable knowing you can get out of it~