Spinning the Plane

Time to Spin it!

If you choose to complete spin training with your instructor, you will have already completed thorough briefings and instruction with them.  In this LESSON, check out the video above and take a few notes.  This is what you can expect to be practicing with your instructor when you go up for real spin prevention and recovery training!

After watching the video, complete the quiz for this COURSE and once you pass your account will be credited with the POINTS for taking this course!

Good luck and be safe out there!

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  1. John55

    Best explanation of spins and recovery that I’ve seen. The inflight lesson was excellent and really drove the rudder input and power reduction points home! Thank you for making this available to all.

  2. kiwipilot

    Hey Jon.
    I notice on the first recovery that the rear seatback flops down. Does this restrict control stick movement?
    In New Zealand, we use the “Hasell” checks prior to Stalls, spins, aeros.

    Thanks for great content.


    I have a question when it comes the Rotor in opposite spinning?…
    I suggest while the air meet the propeller takes a bigger bite of air the right side producing more thrust from the right side half of the propeller thus trying to turn the airplane left.
    Off course yes the confuse concept.
    Blade “ROTATION” I believed that if the blades don’t rotated that will produce not thrust while spinning in the opposed the direction, (clockwise and unwise ) and there is not going to be AOA..
    Helicopter has the rotate blades designer around the propeller and that makes sense for up and down.. car engine keep clockwise while driveshaft and tires spinning in reverse. What makes the aircraft keep still move forward and even though when the rotor is activated in opposite spin??…