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flight plan path 4252g

Flight Background

On June 9th, 2016, Cirrus N4252G departed KOUN for KHOU about 350nm away.  On board was the pilot (Dana), her husband (Tony), and brother-in-law (Jerry).  The flight was to take them to the Houston area to see Tony and Jerry’s father, who was receiving cancer treatment at the Anderson Cancer Center.  Obviously, they all had a good reason for wanting to be in the Houston area.

The flight had departed Oklahoma around 10am and ended at 1:09pm in good weather conditions.

  • Wind: 12 gusting to 16 knots
  • Visibility 10sm
  • Ceiling 3,600 BKN 25,000BKN
  • Density Altitude at the ground was ~2,300′

Pilot History

  • 332.6 hrs total time
  • 303.6 hrs in that make and model
  • 253 hrs PIC time
  • 28 hrs in the last 90 days
  • 7 hrs in the last 30 days
  • Her flight review had expired the previous month



  1. Antoine Smith Instrument/Comercial

    I believe situational awareness was the issue.. Every time I fly, I always remember “Airspeed is King”… Loss of situational awareness can cause a accident at a smaller airport also. . I don’t believe Hobby Airport was the issue…

  2. SoleFalcon_9

    I believe the safest option with the highest chances of success was that her flight plan should have included landing at a smaller/lower tier airport. It would have greatly decreased her workload.

  3. wilcom

    Pilot history and conditions appear reasonable with the likelihood that the flight would be successful. However, I would not have undertaken a third go around but looked or asked to be vectored to a less busy airport.