The Trip Begins!

The leaves are changing…

Time to do the annual on the C170B!

cessna 170 gravel bar landing

anchorageThe busy Alaskan summer season is sadly coming to an end, but we are excited because new adventures are beginning! Autumn is among us with fall colors in bloom, the temps are getting lower and days are actually turning into nights after months of perpetual daylight. Time for Jon to make his way up to Alaska from Florida so we can help Phil, our IA, do the annual inspection on Lil Delta! Luckily October is a beautiful time to be in Anchorage, and it’s always fun hanging out on Lake Hood Seaplane Base listening to airplane noise, as the floatplanes take advantage of one more month before activity on the lake is shut down due to ice.

We dug out our puffy coats and wool hats to spend a couple of days in a cold hangar tearing the airplane apart. Jon and I are in charge of opening access panels, removing the cowling, changing the oil, unscrewing everything in order to make Phil’s life easier. Then he can come in and inspect everything, tighten this, grease that, torque it up and make sure everything is ok with the plane. Then we put it all back together, clean it up, wipe it down and it is time for the run up. The annual is done and we are one step closer to beginning our big trip to the lower 48! Check out a summer of flying adventure videos on our channel!