Cross Country Considerations

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Planning Out Your Cross-Country Flight

Check out the video above to see a quick example of how you would do your initial planning for a VFR Cross-Country Flight on a VFR sectional chart.

Talking to ATC

If you’re still a little unsure of how or what exactly to say to ATC when asking for Flight Following, like you might want to do on cross-country flights, check out the video below to hear 5 ways you can call up approach control!

Here’s what you should know about RAIM as it pertains to the private pilot quizzes:
  • RAIM = Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (it automatically monitors if you are getting a good GPS signal or not).
  • 3 satellites gives you a 2d fix, 4  satellites gives you a 3d fix, 5 satellites gives you RAIM
  • If you lose the 5th satellite, you loose RAIM
  • Losing RAIM means the GPS in the plane cannot verify the integrity of the GPS signal, so you cannot be sure it is giving you accurate positional information.