Lesson 20: Test Prep

pilot faa checkride

Time to get your Pilot Certificate!

By the time you arrive here in the course I’m sure you are ready to go and get your Pilot Certificate!

Over the next few topics we will give you some quick review and prep to help you with passing the written exam, as well as preparing for the oral exam and your FAA Checkride!


    1. Jon K Post author

      Hey Mark! You can print the certificate from the MY COURSES tab and click on the certificate icon next to the course you’d like to print it for!

  1. NCardoza

    SO MUCH FUN!! What a great course and tons of fun to do. Have been aiming for my private certificate for some time and being a full time student, dad, and husband hasnt left much time for that. this course allowed me to learn the ground school aspect of flight at my own pace, while continuing to do all of the things mentioned above!

    Huge thank you Mike and hope to see you up there one day.

  2. aerolance80

    Outstanding course. Was a blast to do and learn from. I have not started a school yet cause I’m deployed but this has got me super excited to continue this dream!!! Thanks Jon !!!!

  3. Jerry Matney

    Guess I won’t be able to complete the last lesson. I have a Private Pilots Certificate but haven ‘t flown since the 1980’s. I needed a good review and this course really brought me up to date on everything. I hope to get current with my flying and maybe begin work on my Instrument Rating.
    I need a few hours of dual time and some cross country time before I start instrument training. Of course all of this hinges on my passing a medical exam which may be difficult because I’m 72 yrs. old. Wish me luck.

  4. Abovethecloudsagain@46

    I want to thank Fly8MA for making this available to all of us for free. This has been a great course. My son just started college at OSU majoring in aviation and I have recommended to him to sign up for this course as it will give him a huge jump start on his flight trainning

  5. Thomas Keiser

    Hi Jon,
    I took the final test, finished with 92% and printed my certificate which I am very proud of. Thank you for making this available online, I have learned a lot by taking my time and taking good notes that I can continue to study with.
    Best Regards,

    1. Jon K Post author

      Hey there!
      Yes you can get your endorsement to take the written test after completing the course. Once you complete the course you’ll get a Completion Certificate. You can email that in and request your endorsement for the FAA written test. One of our instructors will contact you by phone or skype to review any questions you have prior to you taking the written (the course is really thorough, but nothing replaces human teaching interaction). You do need to be subscribed with a paid membership to get the endorsement as our CFIs take their time to work with you prior to you taking the written.