Written Test Prep

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Your 2.5 Hour Exam

The FAA written is a 60 question test for Private Pilots and they give you 2.5 hours to complete it.

You’ll take the test on a computer, and answer a few obvious questions to start out with before taking the real test just to get a feel for how the software works.

Don’t forget to use the TESTING SUPPLEMENT that they give you, and more importantly, make sure it is the right supplement for the test you are taking (the commercial pilot supplement will not do you a lot of good when you are trying to find figures and charts that match up to the private pilot test).

DO NOT try to use the figures that pop up on the screen for your calculations, instead use the corresponding figures in the testing supplement so you can read them easier and make your measurements more accurately.

Written Prep Bootcamp

All of the Private Pilot Written Prep is built into the Written Prep Bootcamp Course.  Once you complete that course you can request an endorsement from our CFIs to take the written exam.  That course is included free with your membership (or purchase of the Premium Private Pilot Ground School).

Expect to spend 16 hours to complete the Bootcamp.  While it can be accomplished in one long weekend, we recommend spreading it out over a few days and giving yourself extra time to take extra practice tests if needed.