Guaranteed To Pass Your Checkride

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Want to be GUARANTEED to PASS your FAA Checkride?

Sign up for our premium checkride prep and I personally Guarantee You Will Pass Your FAA Checkride.  Every student we have ever worked with has passed their checkride on the first try, not a single failure!

When you sign up for our Premium Membership you’ll get:

  • Custom One-on-one checkride prep with one of our CFIs (facetime or Skype, or in person if you are local)
  • Access to ALL of our Courses for Private Pilots, Instrument Pilots, and Commercial Pilots!
  • You can earn bonus points for completing courses and redeem them for free gear and discounts
  • Get our FAR of the week email to sharpen up your skills!
  • Unlimited views and retakes of all of our courses to help keep your skills sharp now and into the future!
  • Endorsements to take the written exams for Private Pilot, Instrument, or Commercial (whichever rating you are working on)


  1. med11043

    Excellent course, by the far the best out there, in my opinion! Very well put together, and the topics are laid out in a straightforward manner, easy to understand, and easy to follow. I actually stumbled upon this course by accident (luckily) at the beginning of my PPL training, and I can say, this course was much easier to understand than another older/stuffy one that was assigned by my flight school. Looking forward to my PPL checkride in about 2-3 weeks, then on to IFR!

  2. javelin1n

    Fantastic course delivered in an interesting way that made topics easy to understand. We are going to have to discuss your perception of old though. LOL

  3. blewis74

    After 15 years of not flying, this has helped get me closer to my goal of SEL PPL. I’m transitioning careers after 22 years in the US Air Force. Thanks Jon for the detail and passion you’ve put into this program! Benjie

  4. mrskeeter

    This has been an excellent course. I appreciate the attention to detail that has been provided. A valuable resource for pilots of all skill levels. I will definitely continue to visit fly8ma and hope to fly into KVNC one day.

    As a side note…Jon, I can appreciate your sentiments about Lake Brantley as I grew up in the area. Fortunately I was zoned for a different high school.